Friday, January 28, 2011

Employment Rights | Aggressive Tactics

Today I received a 75-page packet. I groaned.

Whenever I receive a big packet in my office mailbox, I know it’s no Christmas present . . . unless you ask Santa Claus for pages and pages of documents to review!

A lot of clients want a lawyer who is "aggressive," which is understandable because many clients are in lawsuits because they feel hurt. But, realistically, aggression should always take a back seat to being reasonable. My motto is to "get the job done right."

The best lawyers I know get to the point. They are able to clearly summarize complex ideas. A less skilled lawyer prattles on and on or dumps unnecessary information. But quantity is not quality.

Today’s mail was a needlessly aggressive gesture. The court will probably assume that the opposing counsel just dumped the information, posturing to impress its client. The lawyer did not help her client.

In short, hire a diligent lawyer who will not bill you for unnecessarily "aggressive" tactics. Get a lawyer who gets the job done right.

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